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Our Process

Our Process

The Ornella Process

Every step of the Ornella Custom Homes process is focused on achieving excellence, longevity and design perfection…

At Ornella Custom Homes our goal is the creation of the highest standard in custom home design. Everything we do is focused on delivering exceptional results to our clients, from the planning stages right the way through to the completion of our work.

Because this desire for excellence encompasses everything we do, we have created three tenets by which we judge our work: Exceptional Design, Exceptional Global Suppliers and Exceptional Professional Trades.

You should never settle for ordinary, and with Ornella Custom Homes, you’ll never need to.

Exceptional Design

 A well designed home is both functional and fashionable. It can provide for all of your needs through an efficient use of resources and space. Cost savings can be gained by standardizing sizes and measurements, as well as increasing the functionality of commonly overlooked or under-utilized spaces such as basements, garages and attics. High ceilings can offer an airy sense of space without the added cost of square footage. A good architect is critical component in creating an excellent masterpiece, as they will be able to plan both a well used space which fits your own personality and needs, while garnering a high value for your dollar.

Exceptional Global Suppliers

We have access to suppliers who work exclusively with us in delivering unique high quality goods from around the world. We also source a lot of our goods directly from quarries, sawmills and manufacturers around the world. This allows us to control the quality of the product we source while also saving money by delivering quantities and resources specific to each project.

Exceptional Professional Trades

Our craftsmen have built some on the most beautiful structures in Canada and internationally. We use only the most experienced crafts people who are as passionate about what they do as we are. Furthermore, we’ve developed strong relationships with many of our employees to ensure they take pride in everything they do.

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